Friday, October 19, 2012

A Sonnet

First off, lets talk about what a sonnet is, a sonnet is merely just a structured poem made up of 14 lines in Iambic Pentameter (basically meaning it has a rhythm). It also has a rhyming scheme (or pattern) for example: aa bb cc dd ee ff gg, but the most commonly used pattern is: abab cdcd  efef  gg. My poem 'Nightmare,' for example, could have been a sonnet, however it has 20 lines. If it had 16, it could have been excepted as a sonnet, but  really  technical people (whose lives revolve around this stuff) would have argued, until the cows came home, that no it is not at "true" sonnet. So here it is, my "true" sonnet:

Watching through the Glass

I stood at Admin window watching for you,
I stood at the clock waiting for you, not knowing why.
I saw your face, looking my way, but I doubt you saw me too.
The rain soaks my coat, swearing to never dry.

I was thinking about this morning, when I told you to disappear.
How can I be so horrible? I ask myself all the time.
You told me I was only speaking from fear.
I put the thought away, knowing in the end it will all be fine.

Is it all in my head?  Most things are.
The rain soaked into my jacket reminds me I am awake.
I think of the lonely road ahead and my lonely car.
How long will this gruesome journey take?

I am better off alone, and you are better off without the pain.
I let you go, and it proves that I will never be tame


  1. I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!teddy bears

    1. Well thank you, I am glad that I can provide something that interests you! Thanks for the encouragement its much appreciated! :-D I hope to hear more from you and that you will continue reading!

  2. Oh, well done, Miah. The two middle stanzas really stood out. Something about them rang true and deep. I stink at stuff like iambic pentameter (see, I'm sure I got even the phrase wrong) and am always super impressed when someone can pull it off.


    1. Thanks Mandy, your intuition is always refreshing and touching. As far as iambi pentameter (that sorta just happened) I was more worried about rhyme and pattern. lol Thanks though, I'm sure that you would be great if you keep practicing! Thanks again! *hugs*