Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blood Sucker

I am doomed…
I am a monster created by hell…

Tears like a sharp knife cutting through the skin on my face
The burning guilt like a hot iron on my cold heart
Why can’t I resist the temptation?
Why can’t I fight the guilt?
Why can’t I achieve happiness?
I drag the world down with me,
making it crash and burn.

My hands have blood on them,
I am the murderer of the life that once lived inside,
what once resided in this now cold and empty shell.
I will never be at peace and happiness, I fear, I will never truly find.
I have taken too many lives by draining them of their blood.
Never again shall I see the light
Never again shall I see my reflection
Never again shall I sleep…

Buh-bum, buh-bum, buh-bum
It’s happiness I chase
Buh-bum, buh-bum, buh-bum
I long for the taste…
Buh-bum, buh-bum, buh-bum
I yearn for the high…
Buh-bum, buh-bum, buh-bum
Beware…someone is about to die…

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