Saturday, March 2, 2013

Corpse (A Sonnet)

I realized a while after I posted this one that even though I labeled it a "Sonnet" it wasn't really...I was off by a line. (Shows that writing at 2 am can be unproductive in some instances especially when you don't proof read it something before submission!) One thing I will say though is I wish someone had told me (left me a know that thing you can type in at the bottom of each post...that's what it's there for). Anyway, I removed it, looked it over, fixed it, and now I am re-posting it.  THIS time it's a real sonnet!  Enjoy....

I withdraw into the dim.
Away from the crowd.
My view of this world is grim.
In light I cannot hide the darkness is my shroud.

It is the quiet that brings me comfort.
In the light I have to face who I am.
When did living become such an effort?
I miss who I was and hate who I am.

My angel, you brought me the day.
The light reflected off your wings and warmed my face.
Reversing my hearts decay.
I just wonder if you really knew me…would you think me a disgrace?

Will the truth win me you? Or will it bring me strife?
I don’t want to be alone, you brought me back to life.


  1. Mmmm...contemplating. This feels a lot more polished than some of your other poems. I liked it a lot, Miah. There is something very focused about it. I'm not a poem person, so I can't comment on the pentameter, but this just FELT right. Nicely done :)


  2. Thank Mandy, I really love your feedback! It was real and it needed to be written. :-)