Thursday, May 2, 2013

Under Radar

Kensington McCarthy
Nineteen years of age
Occupation: Full Time Honors Student at Graham University
Major: Undecided
Education: Graduated as an ‘A’ student out of Hogs-worth High, was beat out of Valedictorian by classmate whose parents are on the school board.
Living Conditions: Lives with working parents, only child at home.
Family Conditions: Youngest of three female children, oldest sibling died a DWI case, this happened before McCarthy graduated from high school, middle child is married and lives in England with spouse they are both photographers.  Father and Mother are together and work full time in keeping up their family business.
Social life: No romantic engagements, two consistent friends Nancy Haisley and Garrett Johnson.
Hobbies: Blogger, hiker, regular volunteer at senior home and homeless shelter, enjoys flying small aircraft and gliders on weekends, working with horses, and boxing.
          “As you can see gentlemen, Miss McCarthy is a fine candidate, she is smart, athletic, productive and ambitious, and however, very discreet. She has a sparse social life making her fly under the radar most of the time. If she disappeared, it wouldn’t be a huge procedure to cover up…hardly anyone would miss her. Shall we vote?” A woman’s voice echoed from the monitor on the large television projector over the steel arch table.  A group of men in suits looked at each other with solid unemotional faces then nodded. A man at one end of the table stood up, “All in favor of candidate one? (Hands raise) All in favor of candidate two? (A few hands raise) And three? Alright it is decided, Kensington McCarthy, is our choice; start the debriefing, we shall meet again in one month to discuss progress and future developments. This meeting is adjourned.”
~  š  ~

           Kensington woke up on a Thursday morning feeling exhausted and sore, she was confused as to why she felt so tired, not to mention how she felt as though someone had thrown her against a wall.  The night before she had gone to bed fairly early, compared to her usual and she had slept very soundly, at least she didn’t remember getting up in the night. She looked over at her alarm clock it read, 9:15.  Kensington settled onto her pillow again, started to close her eyes, when she shot up with a jolt and looked back at her clock. “Oh no! I’m going to be so late for class!” She pulled on some jeans and threw her hair into a bun, grabbed her book bag and flew out the door.
“Kensy, you’re really late! You’re lucky I take really good notes!” Nancy said quietly with a smirk. Kensington smiled warmly at her and then took her notes to copy. After class they walked down the hall to Garrett’s class, which would be letting out at any moment. They laughed as they walked together, then they saw Garrett coming out of his class talking to the girl he was working up the nerve to ask out. They giggled as they watched him, when he and the girl parted Kensy and Nancy waved to him then said, “Hey Garrett, how did it go this time?” They tried to keep their faces as straight as possible. “I have great confidence in the next encounter.” Garrett said, with a smirk and an eyebrow raise.  “Come on.” Nancy said, “We got to go get Kensy cleaned up, she’s a major greaser!” She laughed loudly. “Hey, that was an unnecessary leak of personal information!” Kensington swat at her.  They made plans to meet up for lunch before they had to go to the rest of their courses. Nancy and Kensington said good bye to Garrett, after they parted the girls headed to Kensy’s house.
Kensington slipped on a tank top and some shorts; she went back to the bathroom to brush her teeth, Nancy followed her with a magazine in hand, sat on the side of the tub, and talked to her about the latest celebrity news. Kensy occasionally made a comment through her tooth paste filled mouth. When she was done both the girls went back to her bedroom, Nancy flopped on Kensy’s bed, Kensy went over to her vanity and put some earrings on and continued to braid her hair back.  “Oh my gosh, Kensy what happened!?!” Nancy leaped off the bed, and rushed to Kensy’s side.  “What do you mean?” Kensy asked confused.  “You’re telling me you didn’t know you had an enormous bruise on the back of your shoulder?” Kensy turned around and look at her shoulder blade, then lifted up her tank she realized that the bruise was big, but it didn’t just stop at her shoulders it went down to the small of her back. “What happened Kensy? Were you in an accident? Did someone hit you? You would tell me if you were in trouble right?” Nancy said with a panicked voice.  Kensington pulled down her tank top again and then turned to look at Nancy, her grey eyes were wide and serious. “I don’t know for sure Nancy, but  I think that whatever happened, it happened last night, and a dream I had….I don’t think was a dream.”

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