Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Distance

I want to help you, but you shut me out, are you really going to make me guess?
I want to be close to you, but there is a screen between us, you've given me a clout.
You won’t tell me, I prod, you won’t confess, we've created such a mess.
What is in your mind? What is this all about?
Please tell me, I am so confused…
Do you know you've left me bruised?

When you are sad and when you are in pain…I feel the same.
I see in your eyes, more than you tell.
I see in your brow all the cares of the world, of which you are not to blame.
I want to know your smiles, your tears, your pain…I want to know them well.
Please tell me, I am so lost, and I sense danger…
It’s as if I closed my eyes and now see a stranger…

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