Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Cruel World

Verse One
A church is weeping, as there building is burning down.
A girl is crying, she just found out.
A family is full of sorrow, as they lower the body into the ground.
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A little boy is pleading, “Jesus, please hear my prayer!”

And Jesus says, come knock on my door, I love you just as much as before.
 You ask for forgiveness, it’s already been given. You ask for protection, you have an angel.
I will take care of you, no matter what the need is, for you are my children, and I love you!
 I love you!  (2nd verse chorus 2x)

Verse Two
A church is rising up from the ashes.
A girl is smiling, as she hold a little angel.
A family is believing that they will overcome.
A little boy is embracing the army daddy that just came home.

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