Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beginning -- War

   Battle cries were in the air and Nerf Darts were flying, they seemed to be coming from every direction! Julia did her best to leap and sneak stealthily over toys and around corners, but her enemy was too skilled and clever for her, she accepted the fact that she would never beat such skilled opponents!

   Julia checked her Nerf Cartridge, drat! Only one Nerf Dart left, she would have to pull a “Bruce Willis” if she was to survive, but even then her future looked bleak! She took a deep breath, and rolled her eyes with a smile…she ran as fast as she could from behind her hiding place, then aimed and fired her last dart. BOP, was the sound that her Nerf Gun made as she pulled the trigger; the dart lurched from the cartridge.

   A few moments later Julia found herself laying on the hallway floor staring up at the ceiling lamps, she lay amongst the chaotic mix of toys and weapons thrown carelessly on the floor. She heard the boy’s voices in the background proclaiming their victory; this was probably the eighth or ninth time this had happened. How did they do it? Every time they managed to put her in that corner of death! There was no way out after you entered; each time you tried to escape…you were slaughtered.

   “Hey Julia…you want to switch sides this round, or would you like to continue to be killed!?!”

   Josiah asked with a laugh from the stairs, his brother Jordon was laughing wickedly with him. I can still remember my first time babysitting them, it was funny; their parents were so sure that after the first time I would never come back!

   I lifted my head and looked down the hall at the boy’s heads peeping over the top of the stairs with mischievous grins on their faces.

  “No thanks, I think I’m done for the night.” I flopped my head back down, I heard disappointed whines,                 “Aww, not even one more round, can’t we make it an even ten?”

    I rolled my eyes, and sighed, “Fine, one more round and that’s it!” I lifted my hand waving my pointer finger in a number one  final motion.

   I sat up and grabbed as many Nerf Bullets as I could, this time I was going to win, this time I was ready for war!

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